1996 Tour

<img src="/sites/perrybear.com/files/images/bowtie.gif" alt="Cub Reporter Perry Bear!" align="right" width="192" height="133"> </img> Hello Bear Friends! Come join Doctor Steve, Miss Cynthia and I as we tour England, France and Germany!

A Bear's Guide to London

Dear Bear Friends:

Some of you might like to travel the world, someday, as I have--and I hope you'll find this little Bear's Guide To London to be helpful.

To begin with, the British are VERY staunch supporters of the Bear species.

Perry Solves A Literary Mystery

Dear Bear Friends:

We are in Paris!

A few hours ago, our train pulled into the "Gard du Nord", and we are really, really in Paris. I have so much to look forward to! Miss Cynthia has promised to take me on a bus tour of all the Paris sights, and I will write faithfully about all that I see and do.

This evening, however, Your Bear Correspondent Perry Bear Ewer got to the bottom of a mystery that has bedevilled bear literature for nearly 70 years.

Perry Goes to Tea

Dear bear friends:

What a happy day we've had I couldn't wait to rush back to our hotel room to tell you ALL about it. Now, you may be asking: "Whatever do teddy bears DO in London?" I will tell you: we go out to tea!

Actually, this morning, I thought we wouldn't do ANYTHING. Miss Cynthia and The Doctor would NOT get up. They slept and slept and slept, long past the time

Perry goes to Germany

Dear Bear Friends:

"Up and at 'em!" sang Miss Cynthia, with determined cheerfulness.

I sat up from my snug nest on the pillow, and rubbed my eyes with my paws. I was SO sleepy! Last night, we arrived in Cologne, Germany. We had traveled all the way from Paris on the train. I had stayed up VERY late on the train trip, talking to my new friends among the Orchestra--and now, I couldn't wake up!