Perry arrives in Hong Kong

Dear bear friends:

We have arrived in Hong Kong!

More properly, Miss Cynthia, Doctor Steve and I have arrived in Kowloon the city on the mainland facing Hong Kong Island. We have the most exciting view! Our hotel is located on the very tip of Kowloon, facing the Island. Our room looks out over the waterway and the Island.

Many boats pass quickly along the waterway small junks and ferries, even a cruise ship has passed by this morning. Across

from us, on the Island, shiny buildings spring up in a glittering mass, almost even with the tops of the hills!

I'm happy to have such a nice view, because everyone else is very grumpy. It was a long, hard travel day to get to Hong Kong. For humans, at any rate! We bears have a fortunate ability to go into hibernation. When we have to

travel long days, Miss Cynthia makes a nice bed for me among the soft clothing in her suitcase. I snuggle down into my bed, close my eyes, and sleep peacefully until she opens the suitcase once again. For Perry Bear, it's a nice cozy nap!

Poor humans, however, have to endure long bus rides and long plane flights and long lines in customs and at airport ticket counters. This makes them very, very cross. Why, even Mister Don, the viola player, grumbled at us in the hallway this morning! I think everyone needs some coffee, don't you?

Soon we will leave our hotel room and explore Hong Kong. Doctor Steve wants to find a tailor and have some clothes made. Miss Cynthia wants to see some boats. I want to learn some Cantonese the Chinese language spoken here in Hong Kong.

I will be sure to write and tell you all about our Hong Kong adventures!

Your bear friend,
Perry Bear Ewer

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