Lost and Found

Everything was topsy-turvy in the house on the hill!

Suitcases were scattered everywhere. Miss Cynthia moved books from one stack to another. Doctor Steve counted his pills and checked his medical equipment. Baby Supercomputer went to the Internet again and again.

Soon we would travel to Europe. It was winter. The weather would be very, very cold. There might be rain or ice or snow. Even though bear fur is very warm, I wanted to be sure I would be comfortable.

But I couldn’t find my nice warm scarf!

Alexander was reading stories to the younger bears. "Alexander!" I called. "Have you seen my nice warm scarf?"

Alexander looked down from the top of the bookcase. "Can’t say that I have, Perry dear. Have you asked Miss Cynthia?"

Miss Cynthia was mending a pair of Doctor Steve’s pants. "Miss Cynthia!" I called. She looked up from her sewing. "Have you seen my nice warm scarf?"

"Goodness, Perry," said Miss Cynthia. "Have you lost your scarf?"

"Of course not," I said, "I just can’t find it!"

Miss Cynthia poked a thread through a needle and knotted the end. "You know, last time I saw your scarf, it was in the toy box. Have you looked in there?"

Have you seen my nice warm scarf?I hurried back to the sunny room. Emily, Cokie and Marco were playing a clapping game. "Emily!" I said. "Have you seen my nice warm scarf? Miss Cynthia said it might be in the toy box."

"Let’s go look," said Emily. Marco and Cokie trailed behind us.

The toy box was very, very full. "My chicken puppet!" said Marco, as he pulled the bright yellow chicken out of the box.

"Look!" said Emily, "Here’s beautiful bracelet. I’ve never seen this before!"

Cokie reached inside the toy box. "A Santa hat!" he said. "Look at me, I’m Santa Claus!"

I leaned way, way down into the box. Everyone had found something except me. Would I find my nice warm scarf?

There was a yo-yo in the toy box. There were books in the toy box. There was a whistle in the toy box. There was everything except my nice warm scarf.

I sat down with a thump. Where could it be? I needed my nice warm scarf! Whatever would I do in the cold and rain and snow? A little tear rolled down my muzzle.

Emily patted my paw. "Don’t worry, Perry Bear, we’ll find your scarf!" She called to the other bears. Soon, I was surrounded by all fifteen of my bear brothers and sisters.

"Okay, bears," said Emily, "Perry needs to find his nice warm scarf. Does anyone know where it might be?"

Little Merri tugged at Emily’s dress. Emily looked down and smiled at our littlest bear sister. "Did Perry put his scarf away where it belongs?" Merri asked.

"Well, Perry?" said Emily. "Did you put your scarf away where it belongs?"

I thought for a moment. I smiled, a big broad Perry Bear smile. "That’s it! Thank you, Merri. My scarf is in the coat closet where it belongs! Let’s go get it!"

Perry found his nice warm scarf!The whole bear family raced to the coat closet. My scarf! My nice warm scarf was hanging right where it was supposed to be: on a little hook in the coat closet. Everyone cheered.

I tried on my scarf before all my bear brothers and sisters. I wouldn’t have to worry about the cold. I wouldn’t have to worry about the rain. I wouldn’t have to worry about the snow. I had found my nice warm scarf.

Next time, I’ll look for something where it belongs!

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